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Learn to Skate

  • Class size will be limited to 30 students.  First come, first serve.
  • Cost of the class is $35 per student plus electronic processing fee.

Alanna Soukkala

Phone: 218-721-2065

What Your Child Needs

  • Skates (Depending on skater's foot size, might be available at Four Seasons)
  • Helmet (Bike helmet/skiing helmet, etc. is fine)
  • Snow pants/bibs or warm sweat pants
  • Gloves
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are helpful but not necessary

General Ice Session Format

Children will be generally be divided into age groups as follows…

  1. 3 Year olds
  2. 4 Year olds
  3. 5 and 6 Year olds
  4. 6/7 and up

Each session will consist of a sixty minute ice slot.  The first 5 minutes of ice time will be used for free play.  The next forty minutes will consist of four separate stations, rotating the kids to a different coach and helper each time where they work on different skills.  The last ten minutes will also be used for free skating.  The following skills will be taught through these station based exercises and also incorporated into small area games such as playing tag…


  1. Standing and skating stance
  2. Falling to the ice and how to get back up
  3. Proper use of inside and outside skate edges with aids from chairs and push bars
  4. Proper pushing and gliding technique while skating forwards
  5. The beginning of skating backwards (Depending on skill)
  6. The ABC’s of skating (Agility, Balance and Coordination)

The curriculum will follow USA Hockey's Guidelines for Learn To Skate sessions.  However, hockey specific skills will be omitted.

Learn To Skate Schedule

Date Time
1/2/22 3:45-4:45
1/9/22 3:45-4:45
1/16/22 3:45-4:45
1/23/22 2:30-3:30
1/30/22 3:45-4:45
2/6/22 2:30-3:30