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All teams in the Carlton Area Hockey Association are considered to be traveling teams.   Games will be played both at the 4 Seasons Sports Complex "Home of the Carlton Bulldogs" as well as travel to other venues within a relatively close proximity to Carlton. 

Who is a Mini Mite?

  • A mini mite is for all beginning skaters or for players whose abilities are not strong enough to be successful at the Mite 1 level.  Skaters turning four years old on or before June 30th of the current calendar year are eligible for Mini Mites.
  • Coaches will evaluate the player’s skill level during the first month of Mini Mites.  If at anytime during the first month, the coaches and Director of Player Development feels a skater can be successful at the Mite 1 level a player can move up to the Mite 1 level with the parent’s permission.  Parents can not request their skater move up.

The purpose of Mini Mites:

  • Introduce new skaters to the game of hockey
  • To develop basic skating required for the mite 1 level.
  • To give new skaters more puck time with skaters of similar abilities to promote faster development.
  • Skaters will get more one on one attention from coaches
  • Mini Mites will have scrimmages with other Mini Mite programs.  The scrimmages will provide in game experience to prepare Mini Mites to compete at the Mite 1 level.

Mini Mite Practice Structure:

  • Mini Mites will start practice in late October.
  • Mini Mites will practice for one hour a week in Carlton during November/December and have one hour of practice or scrimmage time a week starting in January. 
  • Practices will follow ADM guidelines.
  • Practices will be combined with Esko for November/December to keep cost low for both associations and to have more coaches available to help new skaters. 
  • We will host a one day Mini Mite jamboree in February.