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That ‘sport is 90% mental’ - what separates a gold medallist from the silver medallist is the ability to hold nerves till the last point of the match is played!

Performance Tips: Prevent baseball throwing injuries

By Twin Cities Orthopedic 01/13/2020, 11:15am CST

Throwing, especially in baseball, puts a lot of strain on the body. Whether it’s a 12-6 curve from the pitcher’s mound or a crow hop from the warning track, the arm is enduring incredible force, making it imperative to properly protect against injuries.

Fitness: A Healthy — and Well-Timed — Diet Fuels Muscles of Master Athletes

By Jill Barker, Montreal Gazette 01/09/2020, 1:45pm CST

Protein consumed immediately after workouts was shown to have a significant impact on recovery and performance.

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